In 1993, the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) initiated development of EPDRiv1 to address the difficult modeling issues associated with the Chattahoochee River Modeling Project. The software was initially developed by James L. Martin and Tim Wool of AScI, Inc., Robert Olson of NRE, Inc., and Chris Wilson of Clayton Engineering, Inc., under the direction of Dr. Roy Burke III and Paul Lamarre of Georgia EPD and Jim Greenfield of USEPA. EPDRiv1 went through several versions, including 1.2, 2.0, and 2.1. Version 3.0 was developed under the direction of Dr. Elizabeth Booth. 

EPDRiv1 consists of several components, all installed using a single unified installation program:

         PreRiv1: PreRiv1 is the preprocessor for EPD-Riv1 written in Visual Basic .Net; it provides simple tools to build and edit EPDRiv1 input files. From PreRiv1 you can run EPDRiv1H and/or EPDRiv1Q, the post-processor (EPDRiv1 Graph) and WRDB.

         EPDRiv1H and Q: this computational code is the heart of EPD-Riv1; it is written using Intel Fortran and is called by PreRiv1.

         EPDRiv1 Graph: this postprocessor allows the rapid display of input and output data for the purposes of calibration and preparation of report-quality output.

A brief factsheet can be viewed here.

The Epd-Riv1 users manual which describes the theory and usage of the program is referenced in the PreRiv1 help file. It is included in the overall installation program, but you can view it here.