A number of unique software programs were developed for the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) beginning in 1993. These programs are used by EPD personnel, contractors, and customers to perform a variety of water resources calculations. Indeed, some of the software has been used in other states and countries. This unofficial web site was created by Wilson Engineering as a courtesy to GaEPD to assist users in downloading the software.

For the most part, these programs were developed by Lloyd Chris Wilson, Ph.D., P.E., of Wilson Engineering, Loveland, Colorado. GaDosag, GaEst, and LtBod were developed using Visual Basic .Net based on code originally written in QuickBasic in the early 1990's by Dr. Roy Burke III of Georgia EPD. WRDB was originally developed using Corel Paradox and later upgraded to Visual Basic .Net, and EPDRiv1 was developed using Fortran by Bob Olson and others, with a pre- and post-processor written in Visual Basic .Net by Dr. Wilson.

With his unique understanding of EPD’s data needs, Dr. Burke (RIP) provided significant guidance throughout the design of the computational code and user interface. His valuable contributions are acknowledged.

In addition, Mr. Paul Lamarre of EPD is acknowledged as the contract administrator for many of earlier versions of the projects, and for his careful testing of the software.

Elizabeth Booth, Ph.D., P.E., Manager, Watershed Planning and Monitoring Program, was responsible for approving and funding Version 4.0 upgrades to all programs.

Region IV EPA supported much of the development of this software either directly or through grants to GaEPD.

The developer wishes to gratefully acknowledge Dr. Burke, Dr. Booth, and all EPD staff who have contributed to the development and testing of this software.

Disclaimer: this version has been carefully checked for computational accuracy. However, neither the Division nor developer assumes responsibility or liability for the application of these computer programs.

The web site is administrated by Dr. Lloyd Chris Wilson, P.E., of Wilson Engineering in Loveland, Colorado. If you are not associated with Georgia EPD or Region IV EPA, please contact Dr. Wilson for information on software development and support options.