Long-term BOD Software Package (LtBod)

The Long-term BOD software package (LtBod.exe) was developed by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division to manage Long-term BOD lab test data and perform non-linear analysis to determine ultimate BOD and decay rates for multiple carbonaceous and nitrogenous components.

LtBod.exe was originally developed by EPD in the early 1980s for use on HP minicomputers. It was rewritten and enhanced by Dr. Roy Burke of EPD in the early 1990's to run interactively under MSDOS.  The current Version 3.0 was developed by Dr. Burke and Dr. Chris Wilson to run under Microsoft Windows operating systems. Version 4.0 was developed under the direction of Dr. Elizabeth Booth. 

LtBod.exe provides a number of useful features:  flexible spreadsheet-style entry of required lab test data; internal checks on data quality; extensive graph options for raw lab data; built-in tutorial and procedure documents; generous reporting capability; and, most important, powerful non-linear curve fit routines for determining multiple carbonaceous and nitrogenous BOD components for use by water quality models.

The installation program for LtBod can be downloaded by clicking on the Download menu item.

Long-term BOD Procedure and Test Specifications

Detailed Long-term BOD procedures and test specifications are contained in the following PDF files:

1.    Amplified Long-Term BOD Test, November 1989

2.    Georgia EPD Long-Term BOD Test Specification, revised January 2005